Philadelphia is really growing fast!

It’s just a year since we’ve moved here ourselves.  So far this has been a really nice place to be, an exciting city with a great energy.  One thing we’ve noticed is a huge number of apartments being built.  Now Philadelphia Magazine has told us a good reason:  “Millennial Growth”.  According to them, since 2007, […]

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Put Your Business on Apple Maps

Apple Maps

Apple invites your business to be on their map. Maps, (as the apple map app is called) has been steadily increasing it’s user base. Open Maps and you can see stores, transportation stations, buildings of note, restaurants, etc.  Register your business on their Map now.  Going forward map and location searching tools will increasingly be […]

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Mastering a Cassette Tape?

4track to cassette

This week I had an unusual job here in the studio.  I mastered a 4track recording made on cassette tape back onto a cassette tape.  Completely using just analog audio gear.  Nick from Philly Tapes Philly was in the studio with the latest of the recordings he’s doing, recording bands in his house onto old […]